Managing Partner

Konstantinos Kaloulis

You can play pretend or play to win, but you can't do both

About Konstantinos Kaloulis

Konstantinos is the Founder of TheBestPR.Agency and just like the name says, he plans to make this the best PR agency in the world. His belief in simplicity and a results-driven approach has led to the creation of this service where he wants to provide clients with the simplest way to:

  • Get great stories written about themselves / their companies
  • Get those stories written about on top media outlets
  • Get features inside or even on the cover of magazines
  • Get featured on podcasts & blogs
  • Create high impact websites & landing pages
  • And do all the above at a reasonable cost, and fast turnaround times.

Konstantino's experience

Konstantinos had previously started and grew one of the top animated video marketing companies, featuring clients such as Vodafone, Royal Canin, BCIMC, Digital Marketer and many more.

He also owns www.Negotiation.Agency which helps companies with sales & procurement that come with a $0 up-front cost.

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